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22 December 2006

Technically old but usable

Anyone have any cool Mac software they'd like to point me to?

My 'newest' Mac before this was 11 years old. It is a Power Mac 6100/66 (the latter number meant it was a faster clock than the standard 60). It was the shizzle (am too that white) in 1995. It runs OS 7.6/8 (a hybrid mix of extensions) and Windows 3.11 for Workgroups (I have it networked with the rest of my dinosaurs).

My 'newest' pc was barely younger at 8 years. I have been using windows 98SE since it was brand-new. This particular laptop has a Pentium 3 processor (450 htz), 160 mg RAM (128 maxed plus 32 mg onboard) and a 40 gig harddrive.

Even with a PCMCIA ethernet card, I was convinced that my cablemodem was fast at 18k/a second. I just downloaded a 48 mg program in 10 seconds! I heart dual processors.

I have six desktops (four straight mac, one gateway and the above-mentioned hybrid) and 11 laptops. Yes, that second number is eleven. Plus I have one more I gave my brother for school.
Almost all of them are gateways (the brother has the VAIO) aside from my shiny new MacBook Pro which can run both Apple OS X and Windows XP (and Vista were I so inclined to upgrade) at the same time. I can also run Linux but it would run either/or for Windows though OS X would still run simultaneously.

This MacBook Pro so totally kicks ass. I know what it cost but I also know what it cost my mother. I am so incredibly grateful to be able to have it.

Eventually I will be able to transfer everything over this laptop and wipe the others. I will keep one or two (probably three, one for parts) so I can teach my nieces how to use them but the rest I intend to donate to the Girl's Club. Although if NaNoWriMo does their program of lending laptops to poor writers again, I might just donate them there. I dunno yet. They have a lot of work to be done on them first.

Does this mean my mother is still usable? I would hate to admit she might be uh, right on that point.

Help me. I just admitted my mother was right. In print. On the internet. Where it will live forever.

I think the shiny new toy has messed up my mind. Or rearranged the previous mess. I should get some sleep or something.


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