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30 May 2006

Where do I go from here?

I have been taking a break from the internet, the world wide web, online life ...

I'm nearing my 31st birthday (June). I guess I'm 'taking stock'. I found some old journals while moving things. As the saying goes "Humans plan, God laughs". There are a lot of things that I have that I thought I wouldn't, but many things were lost--many beyond my control, but the hurt is still there.

I will be taking the next week and maybe a few days more to examine this 'young life crisis' (50 is midlife). The worst that can happen is I'll get some more material, lose a few pounds from poor eating and sleeping, and miss a few things online. The best? That I get some kind of breakthrough so I'm not needing to do this every June.

Thank you for the emails and comments here, on my messageboard, and through my website. I am glad that a few people like reading me enough to miss me. No matter your beliefs, may you be blessed.

I will be back. It will be better.

What do people do with no internet, no chocolate, no coffee, no booze, no cigarettes, no drug (legal or otherwise) stronger than ibuprofen, and no 'outside' contact with others? I'm about to find out.

Oh, and its not rehab. More like a slight self-imposed exile while I de-crisize. {Is too a word, I just made it up!}



At 30/5/06 15:27, Blogger AstonWest added...

As someone who still suffers from the "young-life" crisis on a fairly regular basis, good luck to you...

At 1/6/06 01:15, Blogger Bethany added...

I'll be around when you get back! :-)


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