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09 May 2006

Helll*yawn*oooo again

Wow. I didn't realize just how long its been since I posted.

I have been obsessively tweaking a short story for an anthology as well as creating my very own plagiarized writing sample. Yes, there is a legitimate purpose to this upfront criminal activity.

I've also been working on my attempts at a garden by digging out trees and years of weeds from three decent beds. At least I think they're potentially decent, the crap grows well in them. Of course the same can be said for the clothes pile on my bedroom floor.

All this exposure to daylight and fresh air has not been without its downside. I'm not sleeping well. Normally I sleep from 7:30 in the morning to 3:00 in the afternoon. I split write about eight hours and the rest is spent keeping an eye on my grandfather four days a week, attempts at cleaning, reading and being cool on Wikipedia.

The last two weeks I've barely managed three complete hours a day. Mostly I just watch video tapes (I'm DVD deficient) of old tv shows and movies and doodle. I've tried to behave and do all the things the insomnia articles recommend but I'm still too tired to sleep.

I need to try night gardening.

Hmm, bloglines has new feeds. Its too early to go to bed yet anyway.


At 9/5/06 18:10, Blogger AstonWest added...

Crap...only three (four?) days left...


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