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03 April 2006

Karmic Service

No deodorant,
no soap,
no mouthwash?
I want to add No Service. It would serve much better than no shirt, no shoes, no service.

I would take a shirtless, barefoot, cussin' pygmie over the layered, smelly and just plain gross people who choose to get indignant when given good service in return for rude attitudes. I completely sympathize with managers who choose to throw these people out. Too bad EBs can't be given the same.

However, literally shoving someone out who was acting appropriately and just asking a question because "they look homeless and poor" in completely inexcusible!

So yes, I told you off. I demanded your manager and relayed your actions. And you got fired. That was cause to cuss me out when I used nice language with you? Fine. But telling my brother "u better pray u mama don't wind up po' or yous get kicked out too!" was beyond callous.

Flipping you the bird wasn't enough, so I just turned and went back to the table. Karma was smiling though and when the manager tried to comp our meal, I asked her to instead give me a gift certificate. Then I walked out and gave it to the guy who was still in the parking lot. You couldn't race your car past us fast enough.

Just remember, what goes around, comes around. I'm hoping x3!

Addressed to those who go after someone 'lesser' just because they can.


At 4/4/06 07:29, Blogger Erik Ivan James added...

Good try, Alphabeter, but it won't stick.
Those who are inclined to "...go after someone 'lesser' just because they can." will continue to do so. Because they can, and it reinforces their own sense of self-importance.
Good try.

At 4/4/06 16:35, Blogger AstonWest added...

You reap what you sow...and you reap in multiples of what you sow...

Amazing (yet not surprising for some reason) story...


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