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30 March 2006

Excuses, excuses

Alphabeter is hereby excused from blogging for three days while she basks in the glow of getting her 'new' car fixed while waiting for the registration to go through and having her legs waxed for the family Easter photo.

This horsepuckey note is valid for two days.

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At 31/3/06 11:00, Blogger Erik Ivan James added...


At 31/3/06 23:03, Blogger AstonWest added...

Yeah, what kind of Easter photos are they taking for crying out loud?


At 1/4/06 09:33, Blogger M. G. Tarquini added...

When's Easter?

At 1/4/06 21:44, Blogger Alphabeter added...

Erik--its an over-testosteroned female thing

Aston-the kind that put me in a dress. I still get teased about my legwarmers from last year.

I wasn't wearing any. Hence the waxing.

MG-April 16th is Easter. I generally have to have it done twice, two weeks apart to make sure they got everything. It would go better if I 1)wasn't so hairy and 2)waxed regularly.
I do shave (I'm not a complete slob) but see #1. Its just easier to have it done for the big family events. Plus it will make it easier to have it done again in three months for my cousin's wedding where they all will be trying to fix me up.

More than y'all ever ever wanted to know about me I'm sure.

Maybe I should claim blogging as cheap therapy.


At 2/4/06 15:02, Blogger AstonWest added...

My wife just wears long dresses/pants in those situations...

At 2/4/06 18:47, Blogger Alphabeter added...

Your wife doesn't have my mother.

Which is probably why you're still married to her. ;)


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