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19 March 2006

Good Things. Bad Things.

Good Thing-watching my brother perform his first swing choir solo in competition.
Bad Thing-learning they didn't make finals because the solo after him was badly off-key.

Good Thing-seeing my goddaughter niece for the first time in three months.
Bad Thing-not seeing her older sister/my other niece because she was asleep.

Good Thing-getting copy of new portrait taken of nieces last month.
Bad Thing-they've gotten so big and not being allowed to see them grow.

Good Thing-having all of my laundry finally done so that the only dirty clothes are on me.
Bad Thing-two sinks full of dirty microwave dishes because I've been too busy to really cook.

Good Thing-almost being completely finished with a first draft.
Bad Thing-being behind on housework, yardwork, life work and everything else.


At 20/3/06 08:55, Blogger Erik Ivan James added...

"Good Thing-almost being completely finished with a first draft."

Correct. When done, throw it in a drawer for awhile. Let it sleep. While the first draft is sleeping, you will have time for all the other stuff....expecially your family.

At 20/3/06 17:35, Blogger AstonWest added...

As writers, I think we're destined to live secluded lives...

At 22/3/06 07:45, Blogger Alphabeter added...

I try to give my manuscripts half as long as it took me to write the first draft to sit. Usually longer, like the amount of time it took me.

So if it takes me six weeks, I'll give it a minimum of three weeks but ideally I like to give it six weeks or more.

I'm rotating projects but I got closer, faster to the 'end' on this one so I'm throwing everything on this one. Then I'll do the second and then pull two more out. When I get done with roughly 'outlining' (I make weird charts and stuff rather than a traditional outline. Those don't work for me.) those two then I'll be braiding in revisions of this work.

Its not that I'm not willing or able to see my nieces, its my sister-in-law. I think my brother scared her with stories of the 'abuse' I heaped on him in his youth. She's not used to our brand of family bull.

And Aston, I don't think that if I were anything else I would be content enough to try and deal with another person. Of course, I'm too busy to try and find one now!


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