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23 February 2006

Horse and Buggy vs Murder by eTicket

I would like to thank the woman who left her bag at the security checkpoint entrance to Concourse B of the Houston airport. Because of your carelessness, the entire courcourse of 16 gates had to be shut down, all the planes emptied and everyone (around 2,000 people) marched back out. Then we were re-screened before being allowed back in.

I had to leave my plane, which was ready to taxi into third place in line for take-off and haul my bags an inch per twenty minutes. I was among the last 150 people who, when we finally got to the security section, were turned back because your ass had been found and was being hidden for "security reason" [read this to mean at least ten people near me were willing to take your life in as bloody and torturous a way as possible].

So instead of getting to Minneapolis thirty minutes ahead of time and possibly being able to eat (no food other than a bag of nuts for $1--and don't get me started on their running out of them!!) during my layover, I was reduced to running around (its a curve layout) a quarter-mile while dragging ever piece of my luggage in six minutes.

I'm not Wonder Woman, therefore I did not make it. I had to wait two hours for the next flight. Because I was leaving from the B concourse in Minn (another area all by itself), I again did not get to eat. I did, however, get to be searched by dogs because my butter body lotion spilled inside my luggage.

Consider yourself lucky, lady. I'm only going to obliterate you in print.

I am now home, tired and ready to devour the only thing left in my fridge--frozen dinners.

I wonder how much a train costs?


At 1/3/06 12:55, Blogger M. G. Tarquini added...

Trains cost more than planes, depending on the distance. When we decided to relocate from Philadelphia, after interviewing in Corpus Christi and going through layover routine in Houston we decided to move to a place that was an airport hub, so we could fly places non-stop.

At 1/3/06 16:23, Blogger AstonWest added...

I see you must have forgotten to publish these posts...I could have sworn I've checked the last few days and didn't see anything new...

Haven't been on a plane (flying) in years...

At 1/3/06 23:54, Blogger Alphabeter added...

When I move, I'm thinking a hub city too.

I did publish them, I just had the wrong setting on. One of several boo-boos in switching over to the new template.


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