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10 February 2006

Day Three...or not

The leaking coolant turned out to be a blown head gasket. If I keep the anti-freeze filled and let it leak on my parking and the engine smoke when I stop driving, I can drive it (hopefully) until I can scrape together enough for a 'new' (to me) car.

Unless I find something that pays $75k a year, it looks like Houston is not going to happen.

Guess the universe let me know--NO!


I didn't get anywhere today other than my brother giving me a ride to the mechanic's so I could baby my car home. But all is not lost. I did get some actual writing writing done. I completed another article that I will be querying about as well as a rough draft of a horror short story I've been wanting to do for Apex Digest. Their online issues are pretty spiffy, but their print magazine is great too!

I'm also going to rearrange the things I've been doing for "Dirty Teeth" over on FM. I really like this course, its making sit down and think about how I want to lay the story out. Perhaps my big sketching following by lots of flying by my pant seats isn't best for me.


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