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01 February 2006

I'm not late, I'm dramatically timed.

I normally am awake from around three-thirty in the afternoon until around seven-thirty in the morning. I tend to post during my 'work' time between one am and six am. Since last Friday, a family crisis has been boiled and simmering so I've posted at off times.

Today I'm coming clean. I have posted later and back-timed it.

From now on, I'm going to post when I am able to post and consistency shame be darned. I hope to have entries at least six times a week, mostly in the AM, but if I can't...well, the French have a neat saying "C'est la vie" [Such is life]. My family has a motto too--"Its always something". And those somethings may keep me from timelyness, but they shan't keep me from my self-appointed blog rounds.

I was born sixteen days later than my assigned due date. My mother went into the hospital around midnight. I spent all 'night' being birthed. Shortly after I was born, I slept until noon. I can honestly say I haven't changed.


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