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29 January 2006

Writing Update

The 2 Year Novel Writing course over at FM is progressing nicely. Until Zette posts tonight, we're in Week Four.

Its pretty much growing an idea at this point (it will move faster later-it starts from someone writing a novel for the first time), but going over everything that everyone contributes, I've very happy I decided to participate in this go-round.

As for my big major huge honking projects I'll refer to as the Realms, I'm very comfortable in the worldbuilding, I just wish I were able to do more faster. At this point, I'm only able to work on it on Sunday afternoons at Panera during the writing group.

I'm also frustrated with how little I've been able to work on my website.

Yes, I'm happy that I'm selling more articles and stories, but in having to nearly exclusively focus on them during the week, I feel the other, large works are falling. And those are the ones with the higher money-making potential.

Eating vs art. Economics vs personal preference. Its not a new argument.

There are days I wish I were married and had children (something I want, I just haven't made husband-hunting a priority...yet) although in times like this, I'm glad I'm able to pick and choose what to work on because I only have to worry about feeding myself rice. And the hairballs. But their food is cheaper than instant rice. Go figure!


At 30/1/06 13:57, Blogger Erik Ivan James added...

Never make "husband hunting" a priority. If you do, you will likely find the wrong one. Satisfy yourself first, then you will have that much more of you to share with another.

At 31/1/06 10:28, Blogger Alphabeter added...

I've always figured that when I'm ready to be found, the 'husband' will hunt me down.

At least thats why I claim Prince Albert of Monaco is still single. ;)

At 1/2/06 01:11, Blogger M. G. Tarquini added...

Oh, I dunno about the husband hunting. I wrote a list. It worked.


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