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28 January 2006

Must not point and laugh at the irony.

I should be sleeping, not checking email. But when B&N offered me a free new fiction writing course, and all I would need to buy is this AND I could get a used copy for $9, I thought great!

Until I looked at the author.

Then I giggled way too hard. I wonder how his sales are doing?

Anyhoo, I promise to reply to everyone who has generously sent me dirty jokes, threatening messages and recipes for chocolate cat after I go sleep another six hours. After all, I wouldn't want my body to get used to all this healthful treatment!


At 28/1/06 07:25, Blogger AstonWest added...

I think this has been discussed over at's not the same guy...

Still funny, though...

At 28/1/06 23:23, Blogger Alphabeter added...

Oh its definitely not the same guy.

I guess I should have made that clearer.

He's James N. Frey and has co-authored at least four 'how-to' books on writing.

I haven't been on AW since the beginning of the year. Not enough time to write and surf lately.

At 31/1/06 20:00, Blogger AstonWest added...

Unfortunately, I give up the writing more than I do the surfing...oops.


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