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17 January 2006

I'm hit!
Just remember RJ, I know where you post!

The FOUR Meme
Four jobs you have had in your life:
Taco Hell shift manager
Telephone answering service operator
Mucker (cleaning out semis that hauled animals)
Movie theater reelist (I ran the projectors; deliberate title)

Four movies you watch over and over:
Gentleman's Agreement (1947)
Marnie (1964)
Caddyshack (1980)
Conspiracy Theory (1997)

Four places you've lived:
With my Mother
With an *******
With my animals
With me, myself, I and the rest of the cast

Four Shows you love to watch:
Arrested Development
Criminal Minds

Four places you've been on vacation:
A cloistered monastery
The Grand Canyon

Four of your favourite foods:
Cream of Chicken soup
Dill pickles
Seasoned potato fries
(all at once on occasion, I have a good stomach)

Four places you'd rather be right now:
Darkroom in my own studio
Oprah's couch (I don't jump)
Writing a script with George Clooney

Four sites I visit daily:
Blogroll (bookmarks)
Forward Motion

Four bloggers you are tagging:
Duane Swierczynski
Eric Ivan James
Mary Louisa
Laurel Johnson

Four sheep breeds you could recognise in a field:
The baby one
The black one
The nursing one
The one trying to run

Four people you'd really like to meet (who are alive) and what you would ask them:
Mark David Chapman
DB Cooper
John Hinckley
Karla Homolka

I'd ask them if they thought (at the time) that they would get away with it.


At 17/1/06 12:57, Blogger Mary Louisa added...

Alphabeter, nice to meet you! I just popped over to see the hows and whyfors of who linked to my blog from here, and LO and beHOLD, I have been tagged by a very interesting woman who OBVIOUSLY knows her sheep. Or how sheep think, at least. Or, at the very least, how they sh*t in semi trailers.

My word verification closely resembles a certain tagged crime writer's last name: cxznckqw. I am suspicious.

At 17/1/06 13:44, Blogger Alphabeter added...

Mary Louisa

Nothing is coincidence. Not even when sheep shit coins.

Thanks for the tagback.

At 17/1/06 13:52, Blogger Laurel Johnson added...

I'm sorta dense so am guessing that you want me to answer the fours:
Four jobs I've had:
Running concession stand at theater
Registered Nurse
Medical transcriptionist
Writer (for considerably less pay than the above.)

4 movies I watch over and over:
Bright Leaf
The Blues Brothers
Midnight Run
The King and I

4 places I've lived:
With my mother in Marysville KS
With my husband in Ohio
With my husband in Kentucky
With my husband in Nebraska

4 shows I love to watch:
CSI Las Vegas
Commander In Chief
Boston Legal
Dancing with the Stars

4 places I've been on vacation:

4 of my fave foods:
White bass fillets fried in batter
navy bean soup with ham
Yankee pot roast
Anything chocolate

4 places I'd rather be right now:
Having lunch with Sean Connery.
Swapping stories with Stephen King.
Riding out a blizzard in a mountain cabin.
Sitting on a private isolated beach in Hawaii.

4 websites I visit daily:
My own blogsite.
The Time Garden
Mindsight Series
Google mail -- gmail

4 bloggers I am tagging:
Hmm. Have not figured that out yet

4 sheep breeds I would recognize:
none and none

4 people I would like to meet and what would I ask:
President Clinton
Bill Gates
The guy who owns amazon
Don Imus
I'd ask them if they would write a cover blurb for my next book.

At 17/1/06 18:48, Blogger Kelly added...

I came to your blog via MG's. I loved the post for today!

At 17/1/06 19:53, Blogger Alphabeter added...

Thanks! You can also put your answer on your blog when you tag others.

Welcome Kelly. I hope you enjoy my future posts.

At 18/1/06 11:06, Blogger R.J. Baker added...

A person who likes Mythbusters and would most like to talk to four criminals...there's logic there somewhere.


At 18/1/06 11:54, Blogger Alphabeter added...

Explain that to my family, would ya?

I keep telling them there is logic to my chaos, they just tell me to clean up!

At 18/1/06 12:19, Blogger Erik Ivan James added...

Thanks for the compliment of tagging me. Lisa S. got me the other day so I posted this A.M.

I'll look forward to visiting you on a regular basis.

At 18/1/06 12:35, Blogger Alphabeter added...

Oh well. At least you answered it!

At 20/1/06 00:47, Blogger M. G. Tarquini added...

I'm still laughing over the job where you had to muck out the pig trucks.

DB Cooper...I think they think he's dead.

Interesting list of people you want to meet there.

At 20/1/06 03:00, Blogger Alphabeter added...

You'd been tagged already or I would have bopped you MG.

DB Cooper is not dead. He's Jimmy James, late of tv's "Newsradio". Didn't ya hear?!

I think if he were really dead, he would have left instructions for his identity to be revealed and we would all know by now.

At 20/1/06 11:54, Blogger M. G. Tarquini added...

No. I didn't hear. Last I heard of DB Cooper was on the History Channel or something. They were saying that they think he died when he bailed out of the plane.

I think they said that. It was late, I was sleepy.

Who is Jimmy James?

I don't think he would have left instructions. That's kinda like the Evil Overlord explaining the plan for world domination so the hero has time to make his escape. If he was smart, and I guess he was, he'd have erased all chance that they'd track him.

At 20/1/06 14:42, Blogger Alphabeter added...

I have that History Channel special.

Maybe he did die, but maybe he didn't. He could have also been shot gambling the money away.

Jimmy James was a character on "Newsradio". The character was an eccentric billionaire who was "exposed" as being D.B. Cooper.

He seems to have erased all tracks.

I still think if he's around, he'll leave a note claiming credit. He got away with it but the best part is claiming credit now that the statutes of limitations have run out. Then he really got away with it.

At 21/1/06 13:00, Blogger M. G. Tarquini added...

I'd just write a best-selling novel.

At 21/1/06 17:10, Blogger Alphabeter added...

Well, if Paris Hilton, Pam Anderson and Jenna Jameson can...

But Deep Throat didn't (or hasn't yet).


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