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08 January 2006

My driver's window was smashed while my car was outside my mother's house.

Yes, its a busy area near a hospital, but this is the second time it has been vandalized during a 'prime' time. Heaven forbid the damn hospital help by releasing their 'security' video. These are the same people who let their personnel (while still wearing scrubs) smoke and put their butts out on the "NO Smoking" signs right across from my mother's house. (They have a big campus and there no smoking on any of it. The policy is really effective.)

The weekend before Thanksgiving, it was buttered. Some sort of butter substance was smeared on the street-facing door handles. According the cops, it was done to several other vehicles in a multiple block radius. This time it seems the same gang (the cops think) took something and smashed various windows on at least helf a dozen vehicles.

What really bites is that my insurance deductible is high (to keep my monthly payments low) so I have to pay for this myself. I got it hand-vacuumed enough so I could drive it down to the glass place. They finished breaking out the shards, took the seat out, REALLY vacuumed it, and taped up the hole. They have to order the window (I have an 15+ year-old car).

Like Vincent Vega said, "it would have been worth them doing it to catch them doing it".

I ended up late for my writer's group and no one showed. Sometimes it happens no one else is available, so I work alone for a few hours. But this is the first one of the new year (we haven't met since before Christmas). I wouldn't like to think someone came and left thinking I wasn't there.

Stupid mean people should be sterilized and forced to create an Ocean World.

I vent, therefore I post.


At 9/1/06 09:54, Blogger M. G. Tarquini added...

Happened to my husband's car in NYC. Twice in one week, in a hospital parking lot. Happened, got it fixed, happened again, same window.

I think they wanted his radio, can't remember, many many moons ago.

Anyway, it was covered, but insurance company thought they were multiple claims for the same incident. had to do some explaining. Hospitals are horribly insecure places.


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