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02 January 2006

I actually took a long holiday break to reasses my priorities.

So Happy New Year. What have you decided to do with Your life?

Because Joe yelled at me I am hereby officially declaring that I am a writer. I have known in my heart I was one, but have always been half-heartedly 'playing' at the author "thing". Now I am going to start acting like one.

And not just because Joe said so. Only my mother is that powerful.


At 2/1/06 12:38, Blogger M. G. Tarquini added...

I'm doing the part where I increase my internet presence by leaving messages on people's blogs. Then I'm going to do the write a bunch of words part. I'd update my blog but I have no thoughts today. Maybe I'll do what you did and just announce I have no thoughts.

At 2/1/06 17:49, Blogger Alphabeter added...

Or you could just link to other blogs. *innocent whistle*


At 2/1/06 21:34, Blogger M. G. Tarquini added...

I have linked to your blog. You're right there on the list, been there for at least a week. Who else's blog should I link to?

At 2/1/06 21:36, Blogger M. G. Tarquini added...

yeah, see, I linked to yours, but you haven't linked to mine. You should run right over and read it. I talk about the size of my ass. I could you resist?

At 2/1/06 22:08, Blogger Alphabeter added...

I refuse to comment on the size of a female's ass unless they are personally a bitch. So far this includes Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce.

As for others, (I haven't looked yet so you may have these already) Joe, PBackWriter, Miss Snark and Writers' Beware (accrispin) are all on blogspot.

Now I gotta figure out how to do my blogroll on here. Nerts.

At 2/1/06 22:24, Blogger M. G. Tarquini added...

I got all of them on my blogroll already except for pbackwriter. I'll take care of that now. Plus, I put your OTHER blog on my blog roll. Well, just the livejournal one. No way, I'll keep up on more than two.

The word verification is xtxlipo. Extra extra Lipo? For my ass? I get the hint.

At 2/1/06 23:19, Blogger Alphabeter added...

I have NO control over the word verification. But karma likes having fun.
Often at my expense.

At 3/1/06 10:06, Blogger M. G. Tarquini added...

Karma. Butt size. There's a reason the book I'm frantically pounding out now is called HINDsight.

At 3/1/06 21:26, Blogger Alphabeter added...

Nope, definitely not touching that.


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