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29 February 2004

Its Leap Day so I'm watching Quantum Leap. With the new (possible) movie/series in development, it was nice to see the final episode Mirror Image again.

I really hope Don Bellasario goes ahead with the project now that JAG is fading and NCIS, well, sucks. He should focus his attention on a good and beloved project.
I don't think Sammy Jo should be the new Leaper. A daughter from Donna and Sam with the quantum lineage to travel her family line (like when Sam leaped into his great-great-great grandfather around the Civil War) who uses holographic "uncle" Al to travel through time, put right what once went wrong and hoping each leap will bring her father home would be alright with me. Especially if I could write for her!
Seriously, having some of the favorite actors from the original pop up in the new show would be neat. Its too bad Gooshie (Dennis) is dead. But maybe Verbena, Tina and Deborah as Ziggy's voice as the QL Headquarters gang. And Bruce Macgill, John dAquino and a few more infamous guest stars too.

Aside from television reminincing, I'm slowly getting my house done. I need the space mentally.

And its time to get back to it.

Update done, I return to the ethos

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