Gaffs of Truth

from One Who Creates with Alphabets

27 February 2004

*clears throat*


This is my first real blog. I've done my own private diaries, but I'm working on being more open.
I think getting naked in Times Square during the Today show might be easier; remains to be seen.

So, uh, my name is Joy. I'm a female-born but half bred as a tomboy. I'm almost twenty-nine years old. I was born and raised in Iowa. I have been around the world but I like living here and being near my family.
I live by myself in my own house with my three cats (a story of themselves). I do technical consulting and a variety of writing for the "job" category.

Name, rank, serial number...
I try not to define myself by numbers or labels or colors or languages. But I am not perfect and some non-trained gut reactions do get my butt into more trouble than my mouth can handle sometimes.
I'm human. I like putting other in the race box. I am not a category. I am a person.

Who, what, when, where, why, how
This blog.
Updated as often as I can. Maybe hourly, maybe every couple weeks, I will not make a schedule.
Here and at my new website-when I make it.
Because I need to be outside myself to see if the voices are worth keeping, to share with whomever.
On one of my computers with some software through the internet.

Whew. Good first post. Time for a shower.
Well, maybe a cookie first. No, chips...baked green apple. Yum. Acquired taste-like me.

If you like, hate or just want to say huh? about this thing, then email me.
I will respond, if only to forward the artist photos to whoever will give me the most money for them.

So...ta ta for now

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