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16 December 2005

It took me much googling, much pleading and a bit of bribing, but I found the super-secret page on Joe's site. Now I just may need a bit of a brain scrub.

On this front, I've found a great contest thats free to enter and offers nice prizes (including money) . I just need to think of a good idea that I can do as a short story. I tend to take those ideas and expand into novels or screenplays. I have a shortness problem.

Does anyone out there have a really really good treatment that works for cats who like to go on the same spot outside their little box? I'm getting a nasty stain in the doorway to my office (not that they're trying to tell me I spend too much time in here or anything).
It doesn't smell as I clean up the messes as soon as I discover them and spray orangecleaner with white vinegar. But they keep going there again, so I must be missing something.

Is it Friday? Why can't I remember days without a calendar anymore? When did my brain lose that ability?


At 19/12/05 13:59, Blogger M. G. Tarquini added...

OMG! You turned on comments! You're updating! Know what that means? You get a link.

Try Febreze.

I'll caution you on one thing (I have/had many cats) sometimes it's best to let well enough alone - at least you know where the cats are going. Mess with that spot too much, they may find a second favorite place to pee outside the box, then a third. One solution is to set up more litter boxes. I don't know how many cats you have - but they don't like peeing together. Give each his own.

heh. Sounds like a short story title - Peeing Outside the Box.

Where's the contest?


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