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03 January 2006

I have now signed up for the 2 Year Novel Writing Course on Forward Motion (See the Only a Novel (2YN) 2006 board, but only if you're registered).

FM is a great site that was started by darling Holly Lisle and is now run by the equally wonderous Zette Gifford. Its one of the writing forums I check daily.

Oh and for future reference, I refer to the overall set of boards as forums and the collection of threads under one heading as boards. So to me, a forum contains boards and boards contain threads. Cuz some people do it differently. Its a matter of preference. There really does not seem to be a consensus. Even the wikipedia is not clear.

Anyhoo. My novel for the 2YN is tentatively titled "Dirty Teeth". Its an odd choice for a title, but it does fit the story idea I have in mind. Its still early going so I'm not going to share much. And when I do, it will probably be on that particular board as part of the course assignments. But I have a big keyboard and fast hands; I wouldn't rule anything out.

And now for something cute: (warning, BIG picture a'comin')

Image hosted by

This is my oldest niece Lilly. She was helping me try out my 'new' QuickCam on New Year's Eve. This was snapped just after midnight.

Her parents work late and get up late, so even at 2 1/2, she is used to late hours. Thats all I'll say about that.


At 8/1/06 14:04, Blogger M. G. Tarquini added...

She's adorable.

I videocam with Dana all the time. We get to see each other's kids. The kids end up talking to the kids.

Go for it on the novel. Once you're into it, I bet it goes faster than two years, but two to four years seems to be par for the course for most writers who decide, this is it, they are finally going to write The Novel. After that, it gets easier.

At 9/1/06 06:03, Blogger Alphabeter added...

Thank you. I take compliments for her all the time.

I've actually written several novels. I cross-work on them while I write short stories and articles. They take much less time than two years.

It has gotten easier, now that I've worked on the article/short story/article/novel outline/article/novel synopsis/article/short story/novel worldbuilding/article/chapter set up/article/short story/novel writing
breakdown. I get to work on other things (and avoid boredom) but actually FINISH things (a big problem everywhere for my procrastinating behind). Thats why this course almost feels like a step behind. However, I will be working on other things at the same time, so it should help the weirdness I feel.

Plus a lot of projects that started on this course (and others offered on FM---all for free) have sold and for very nice sums.

Not that thats my motive or anything. ;)

At 9/1/06 09:46, Blogger M. G. Tarquini added...

Money? You mean there's money in all this? I thought it was like, a public service or something.

At 9/1/06 21:02, Anonymous kathie added...

Sounds like you have a great plan. I also rotate projects while keeping one my main focus. I never feel like I have writer's block! Great site.

At 11/1/06 05:11, Blogger Alphabeter added...



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