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11 January 2006

For that day in February which feeds my chocolate 'problem' and to change things around so I could include a blogroll and other thingies, I have changed the template to something more rosy.

Let me know if you like it. Otherwise, I have nine other blogs you can visit.


At 11/1/06 13:09, Blogger R.J. Baker added...

Sory, didn't mean to affend you. I need to watch my blasphemy and my sentence structure.

For some reason, I seemed to have upset a few people today. :(

At 11/1/06 14:17, Blogger Alphabeter added...

You didn't offend me at all!

I'm was being cheeky. I do that on Joe's blog.

At 11/1/06 14:44, Blogger R.J. Baker added...

...and cheeky you are.

At 11/1/06 14:47, Blogger R.J. Baker added...

P.S. What exactly is 8>P eight-greater than-pee, pee-less-eight? I am dumbfounded and that isn't hard these days...

At 11/1/06 17:22, Blogger Alphabeter added...

If you look sideways, you might see someone wearing glasses on their nose sticking their tongue out.

At 11/1/06 17:36, Blogger R.J. Baker added...

I see that. Jeeze, I feel like a .... Thanks.

At 12/1/06 11:02, Blogger Alphabeter added...

Not everyone can (or cares to) read 'net speak.

You honestly didn't offend me. I maintain my cheekiness...north of the border.

How about a cookie?


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