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13 January 2006

What are you afraid of?

Today is Friday, the 13th. There is also a full moon. Are you scared yet? Then you might have triskaidekaphobia. Fear of the number 13. Or selenophobia-fear of the moon. Or friggatriskaidekaphobia-fear of Friday the 13th.

If you're still reading, perhaps you're merely interested in the fear. Or you're curious as to my stance. Or google went crazy and sent you here. Boo!

I personally enjoy the number 13. It adds up to my lucky number 4, which is half of my favorite number, 8--also the symbol for infinity (standing up). But my numerology interest is for another post.

Statistically, there is little to back up the numerous claims of increased crime and accident incidents that are charged to 13ths that fall on Friday. (But that doesn't stop some of the drivers in my area from trying!)

I'm not afraid of Friday the 13th, but teenage drivers on cell phones changing CDs while drinking coffee scare the crap outta me.

The accident could have been worse. They could have been paying attention and actually killed me.


At 13/1/06 23:35, Blogger M. G. Tarquini added...

My friday the 13th has sucked.


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