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22 January 2006

Big project update and question

I go to sleep 'early' after wrestling at 3 am, so I can be up for my writing group on Sunday afternoons. Almost four hours nearly completely uninterrupted for 'pure' writing. We do a little chatting first, but then its writing and drinking. On the 25% chance I'm alone, its straight writing (although I drink too).

Today I was alone and got a lot of world-building done on my big "Realms" project.

As my mother does a lot of reading, particularly in science fiction and fantasy, I asked her if it looked like an elf, but didn't act like it (particularly as one cross-bred with a giant to create a third race), should I still call it an elf or just describe it and call it something else?

She was of the opinion that people have preconceived notions of what elves and giants and trolls and such should look and act like and that I would be better off giving all the 'similar' races new names rather than have people confront those notions (or skip my writing entirely because they don't agree with me).

While I've decided to about what I'm going to do, I'm also asking the internet in general to see the responses.


At 23/1/06 10:59, Blogger Erik Ivan James added...

Moms know lots of things we should listen to.

At 23/1/06 11:01, Blogger M. G. Tarquini added...

Erik's so smart.


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