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21 January 2006

Where doth the server goeth?

Did anyone else have problems reading, posting or doing anything on blogger/blogspot from about midnight (CST) to about 03:30?

I couldn't do nothing to figure out why most of my posts from this week hadn't been 'published' (turns out I had to manually change them from Saved Drafts) as any blogger/blogspot addresses either couldn't be found or I was getting a "timed out, server took too long to respond, try again" error message.

Its all good now, but I'm wondering (as I often do) if it was just me or did have people have this problem too?


At 21/1/06 23:02, Blogger R.J. Baker added...

It seems like Blogger has intermittant spasms every now and then. sometimes I can't post, comment, or anything. I don't know sure are prolific blogging - how the heck can you keep so many going at one time?

At 22/1/06 00:50, Blogger Alphabeter added...

Each voice is allowed their own blog.

It keeps the internal editor busy so I can get some real writing done without all the children clamoring for attention.

And its cheaper than therapy!

At 22/1/06 16:26, Blogger AstonWest added...

Vladirian liquor is the only therapy you'll ever need...

At 22/1/06 19:42, Blogger Alphabeter added...

There are some voices/personalities that are scary enough sober, thank you.


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