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31 January 2006

A Million Little Lawsuits

Oprah's former pet author James (not N) Frey is getting sued.

He seems to have written a decent book which affected its readers (good or bad remains to be seen).

What I want to know is does this mean I can start suing those authors whose books were so bad that not only didn't I finish them, I actually got rid of them before they contimated my TBR pile(s)?

When I get rid of a book, its seriously bad. When I stop reading a book, I might be mad, but if I spent more than $1 on it, I'll go back and read it with a red or blue pen to remind myself how to avoid writing like that.

So know what should I do if I think a book is bad? Mark it? Get rid of it? Sue the author for wasting my time? Publish their name on my yucky page?


At 31/1/06 10:40, Blogger Erik Ivan James added...

Sell them to an Interior Designer. People with mega houses like lots of books on the shelves for decorations purposes. You may have to glue fake leather on them but what the hell......$$$$$$.

At 31/1/06 10:45, Blogger Alphabeter added...

Won't somebody think of the trees!

Oh wait, they already killed them to print the garbage in the first place.


At 31/1/06 18:19, Blogger Pink Pen added...

I'm always up for a little kickball. It's amazing how well certain books I could mention work as a ball *grin*

At 1/2/06 01:10, Blogger M. G. Tarquini added...

I donate 'em. I love tax deductions.


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