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08 February 2006

Day One of the Great Experiment

I'm on decaf. But its loaded with 'raw' sugar and half & half.

I've finished two articles, cover/queries and have been researching possible names for the races I'm creating by crossing non-'traditional' elves, dwarves, trolls, seraphs, goblins...etc. I'd forgotten how much fun it was to get lost in

I'm also going to decide on a consistent CSS style for my website-for which I'd like y'all's help.
If you could click on the three links below, see which format you like, and post a comment with the letter you prefer, I'd really appreciate it.

A) Multi

B) Curved
**And if you like the comic syndicated on this page, let the creator know.

C) Stark


At 9/2/06 12:19, Blogger M. G. Tarquini added...

I like the contact page the best. I'd love to know how you got that overlap effect. Very nice. Also, it's clean, neat and non busy, a pleasure to read. Loads quickly also.

At 9/2/06 15:09, Blogger Erik Ivan James added...

I agree in total with M.G. Very nice.

At 9/2/06 16:53, Blogger Alphabeter added...

I probably shouldn't give away my secrets, but the effect is through images. Its not solid, its multiple tiny images that are line-sized.

I like that one too because I can load the messageboard and other things inside the main area and not lose the sizing.

At 9/2/06 22:11, Blogger M. G. Tarquini added...

I'm studying your code. I hope that's all right. I only do this as a hobby, that one line image is a very nice idea. I have so little in the way of graphics capability. Like only what I can manage on Appleworks, which is pretty much almost nothing.

At 10/2/06 15:51, Blogger Alphabeter added...

I'll be spending the weekend (since I won't be going anywhere) making almost the entire site with that image-done style of maroon and white.

I doubt too many people check back over old comments, but feel free to check out the site


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