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13 February 2006

Vroom, choke, sputter

It smokes, it smells, but its running without dripping expensive fluid all over.

For my next trick, I'll attempt to save more than a dollar for the lottery in six weeks.

Though I vow I will set up a scholarship to BEA for underpriviledged writers if I win.


At 14/2/06 13:50, Blogger Erik Ivan James added...

If you win a big lottery, may I carry your bags?

At 14/2/06 13:51, Blogger Alphabeter added...

The one full of ideas stolen from unpublished writers, of course!

The big check will be in my bra.

At 14/2/06 14:20, Blogger Erik Ivan James added...

Well, at least I won't be carrying my own socks because you wouldn't have packed any of mine.

Back to "road-rage" again I see.

At 14/2/06 15:53, Blogger Alphabeter added...

I don't wear socks so neither will you. Nah!

Ooooh, "road-rage".

Yous a funny one EIJ!

At 14/2/06 22:00, Blogger AstonWest added...

Better than mine, which is currently sitting in the garage in an immobile state.


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