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16 February 2006

Snow, snow, snow

Anyone know how to manipulate the permanent link titles for blogger? Like today's link I'd like to be but it will probably end up

On the snow front, we had one here in corn country. A whopper of a few inches. Its bitter cold and the heater in my car is not cooperating. I only have a few days until I go to Houston, but even down there its in the 50s! Figures. No beach lounging for me.

This is a boring post but I wanted to have something for today.
I won't be very current while I'm in Houston starting Saturday and leaving Wednesday. I'm hoping to have so much fun I won't even think about the internet. I might think about my computer (which I will be taking) but only because I'll be so inspired to write (and my longhand is atrocious, its why I learned to type).

So what is the most boring subject y'all can think of and still write about?


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