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12 March 2006


That girl in Florida who had two prosthetic legs stolen in a matter of months had both returned to her--quietly, which is code for "they tried to cover and they'll be punished but we're glad to just have them back".
I have had a real vinegar craving all weekend. I've been downing black, green, and blonde olives of all marinations along with various flavors or pickles and peppers. I swear if I ever get pregnant, the kid will have me on an all-saltine-cracker meal plan. Which is something else I've been noshing on (topped by cream cheese mixed with olive juice/brine) along with a few gallons of grape kool-aid.

And yes, I know for damn sure there is absolutely no way I am pregnant unless Tinkerbell has a male relation I need to know (who may already know me then!).

I think I'll have peanut butter and jelly sammiches for my snack. I'm feeling very goofy. I think its due to a series of YA-aimed poems I've been whipping out.
Does anyone remember the Mac (and later Windows version) game "7th Guest"? I found it in one of the boxes taking residence up in my office and played it intently for nearly five hours. It helped that I had the companion book (though I only cheated completely on one puzzle) so I could get through the entire game in less than a day.

When I find my Frogger and Pong cartridges with my Atari box, I'll know I've hit bottom. It has not been 25 years+ since they were cool. NOT!
I found this question on FM but I'm curious enough to ask it here since y'all might not be seeing it over there.
How do you like your skiffy [science fiction and fantasy] series? Trilogy? Ten-pack? Trio of Trilogies? Do you want one big plot that spans all the books or one overall story with smaller sub-plots wrapped up in each book? Okay, so thats two questions, but please!

I like odd numbers so a set of books where three books are of one character POV, the next three are from another (but cover the same and more events of the first group), and so forth are good-though I'd cap one entire set at nine or ten. After that, go to a new world or a completely different time within it (Narnia jumping if you will).

Also, I'm of the school (keep in mind I've not read JK Rowling's books) where one overall story with small plots that are somewhat wrapped up in each book are nicer.

What are y'all thoughts?


At 16/3/06 11:56, Blogger Erik Ivan James added...

I love peanut butter & jelly 'sammiches'--on toast. Extra crunchy peanut butter, strawberry jelly. One is usually my bedtime snack.

At 17/3/06 01:30, Blogger Alphabeter added...

I forgot about the toast!

Even crunchy peanut butter smears like, well butter, on hot bread. And then the PB glues to the hardening bread and makes a killer crouton. (I sometimes leave my sammiches sit while I'm...sitting AND working!)

Is this a hint to make a new entry?


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