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11 March 2006


Oh crap. I was supposed to be editing my NaNo from November this month as part of NaNoEdMo.

I'm buried deep (and happily) in my big Realms and new Ships [temporary placeholder names] series (I always have to work on at least two at the same time) as well as unburying my house from everything that got dumped in it from a storage locker I can't afford anymore now that I had to get a 'new' car. (But thats a whole 'nother post.)

So what to do? Add it into the chaos or let it go and hope I can work it in next month?

I have decided for the good of my health (I still wince at that phrase, thank you Peter Jackson), that I'm going to continue the "spring cleaning" of the house and stay manageably busy with just the two current writing projects. I figure I'll have a first draft of Ships ready mid-to-late April so I can start May 1.

Its not exactly next month, but the finished result will be better for my being able to concentrate more while working on it. And that will be the true good.

And because I'm cleaning so heavily this week, I'll be able to post a few times this weekend. I have lots to share. And if you don't like it...then why are you still reading this?


At 11/3/06 07:38, Blogger Erik Ivan James added...

Well, 'I'm still reading this' because I look forward to what you may have to share.


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