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24 March 2006

Just Another Number

It seems my life has once again come down to a series of numbers.

My Social Security Number, my driver's license number (now different to prevent identity theft), my health plan number, my health savings plan number, my address, the square footage of my office in my house and my house itself, my vehicle license plate (I'm changing cars), and the amount of income I made writing last year.

What does all this get me? Hopefully more money back from the government which took plenty to "hold" in case they decided I might not need it all.

And people wonder why I keep my house at 68 degrees (winter) and 74 degrees (summer). I like the sweater/stripper looks. Okay, maybe not stripper, but short-sleeve shirts and shorts until first frost.

Maybe next year I'll be able to afford an extra blanket. The magic number is $17.00.


At 25/3/06 08:27, Blogger Erik Ivan James added...

Heh heh, if I had $17.00 right now I'd send it to you for the new blanket. Don't know about you, but here in northcentral Michigan, that 74 degrees you mentioned is a looooooong way away.

At 25/3/06 13:23, Blogger Alphabeter added...

We've still got inches on the lawns and undone sidewalks. Its so bad my cats won't take their constitutional off the porch.

I'm bundled in one of my grandmother's crocheted creations. I'm saving punches for one of those fancy layered electric blankets because I want to keep my grandmother's for my ... uh

I think its about 40 degrees with the windchill here.

At 27/3/06 13:35, Anonymous jamie ford added...

I wore shorts all weekend, in Montana. Who says this whole global warming is a bad thing?

At 27/3/06 18:24, Blogger AstonWest added...

I don't see an issue with stripper looks, myself...


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