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21 March 2006

Its contagious

Anyone else having problems with blogger/blogspot?

I can't see other blogs archives, I can't post comments (logged in or out/anonymous) and I've tried to post this three times--and keep getting an error message.


I'm going back to writing. I can control things there.

Stop snickering.


At 22/3/06 00:49, Anonymous jamie ford added...

It's not just you. It's blogger. I'm on squarespace so I'm free from the glitch in the Matrix at the moment, but keep getting emails from the blogger folk about not being able to post.

At 22/3/06 01:05, Blogger M. G. Tarquini added...

The Blog Gods give and the Blog Gods take away.

Tomorrow, somebody else will suffer. Today, it is you.

At 22/3/06 07:46, Blogger Alphabeter added...

If this and the snow was the worst I had to suffer yesterday, I'll take that over something harsher any day!


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