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01 April 2006

Five reasons to keep up with your blogroll

1) Very cool knowledgeable people might post answers to your questions.

2) You won't send an email to someone saying "have you seen this about you" AFTER they've already posted it on their blog. But at least she didn't sic KY on me or label me Nitwit of the Day.

3) You won't miss an opportunity to send a favorite hidden project to the right editor at the write time.

4) You might just get the perfect recipe for your Fool's Junkfest.

5) You can get a second chance to make a first publication.

Sleep is for the


At 2/4/06 07:43, Blogger Erik Ivan James added...

Mark Pettus has a great Blue Cheese Sauce 'n Steak recipe over on his blog "The Bluff".

All that come to my blog are more knowledgeable than me and "if only" #'s 3&5.

At 2/4/06 18:50, Blogger Alphabeter added...

Do you have the URL? I couldn't find it through a blogger blog search.

At least they're coming to you. I'd rather have the intelligent beat a path to my door than those of lesser qualities!

I'm hoping on three, but five I just can't find the right tone. I'm more skiffy than horror.

At 3/4/06 06:23, Blogger Erik Ivan James added...

Good morning Alphabeter,

Look under Previous Entries
"....low down blue cheese blues..."

Well, I'm certainly of "lesser qualities" as compared to most other writers posting 'round-about.

Please enjoy your day.

At 3/4/06 21:37, Blogger AstonWest added...

"I'd rather have the intelligent beat a path to my door than those of lesser qualities!"

I'm hurt...really...


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