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23 April 2006

Peace, sunshine and shoes

Its all sunny and peaceful (aside from the lawnmowers) this afternoon.

I'm not paranoid in wondering when the other shoe is going to drop. There is precedent record of God's humor. Though its more of my personal history of not being able to be calm without checking the sky for gathering thunderclouds.

I'm enjoying my crawl through wikipedia( I'm on the cleanup and anti-graffiti gangs there). I've been working on the WWE sections. Yes, I'm a "professional wrestling" fan. I liken it to the events of the Roman Colosseum, only with occasionally side-switching.

I've also been researching and writing on my Realms project again. As much as I want to give Anna her Hannukkah book, its just not sparking me as much. The old saying is do what makes you happy and find a way to get paid for it. I don't want to write a book because I know it will get attention, especially if its hard to write. The Realms flows in such a fun way for me. I just hope they/it can be sold.

It must be all the exposure I had to the sun yesterday while working in my garden. I haven't felt this strong and productive in a long time. I think I have "spring fever".
Or I'm coming down with something. One never knows with God. ;)


At 24/4/06 10:47, Blogger Erik Ivan James added...

God does work in mysterious ways.

Your new "dress" here looks great.

At 25/4/06 23:30, Blogger Alphabeter added...



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