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10 April 2006

Good Busy?

I have been very busy over these most recent days.

My brother had his 17th birthday. I took him bowling and let him beat me. Okay, barely. It was 69 to 68. I had to bowl odd frames with my left hand and even frames with my right. The kid is bad! Then he went go-karting, we grabbed a bunch of candy at the grocery store, saw TCON:TLTW&TW (the narnia movie) at the cheap seats and then gorged ourselves on pizza (I rarely get it delivered so it was a splurge) while we watched an old home vide tape and teased him in that loving way siblings abuse each other.

I also dug out my front bed and divested it of an ingrown tree so I can plant tomatoes. The north bed is next weekend. I want to get my potatoes and spinach in now that there is definitely no more snow promised.

I did computer work for the guy who is fixing my car for parts at cost. He had a lot of spyware from downloading music and porn. It doesn't bother me to see that crap and I got the best of the deal. My car is now running dreamy with working air conditioning and no more "Service Engine Soon" light constantly blinking on (bad sensor).

My sister has decided to go to the local community college (where I went twice for gen-ed credits for a BS and a 2-year-degree ABS) and get her general education stuff out of the way for a third of the price then move to a different four-year college. She was miserable at her current university which led to her drinking. She's finishing the year at home (she had to leave the dorm for violating policy) so it won't be a total waste.
This is good, because it will allow my baby brother to go to the school I think he should and not worry about our sister (she was thinking of transferring there). Its about 30 minutes away. Close enough to come home for money, laundry and holidays but far enough away that we can't breathe down his neck (not that we all would. The family seems to have learned that lesson.).

And finally, I washed every stitch of clothing. Yes, I was naked. In my robe. You can gag later. I have all the sweaters back in boxes under the bed and short t-shirts and shorts moved to the dresser and cupboard. This weekend I have to try on all three pairs of my clog/sandal shoes to make sure they'll hold up. I don't wear shoes except when I have to, so I wear shoes to pieces rather than shop. Same with clothes. I wear stuff three sizes too big because I shop when my mother makes me--about every two years. Writers don't type any prettier in Haute Couture than Hanes.

Oh, one more thing, does anyone know how to get dried cat poo remnants clinging to strands of green shag carpet?

Some days its better to be writing.


At 11/4/06 17:19, Blogger AstonWest added...

Cutting the carpet strands...

At 12/4/06 08:33, Blogger Erik Ivan James added...

Put a "throw-rug" over it.:)

At 12/4/06 13:16, Blogger M. G. Tarquini added...

pour pine sol over it. Let it sit for a long time. blot it up. rinse. repeat.

At 15/4/06 09:34, Blogger Bernita added...

Try a comb.
Febreeze works for smell.


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