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29 May 2006

And the drama keeps bubbling

I got a few more emails regarding the mysterious "Mr Meiners". Two claim to be from Linda Oneness. First blasting me for publishing the first one and second apologizing for the first email. The others are from Rose DesRochers. Coincidentally enough, Rose has had dealings with PA (both pro and con) and claimed to have been stalked online.

As someone who has had their identity stolen (in 1995, before it was fashionable) and been stalked both online and physically by someone who 'found' me on a dating site (since 1999 though he's been quiet of late-since the new restraining order, but again before it was fashionable), I find these emails to be rather appalling in their attempts to manipulate the recipients.

Its been interesting tracing the emails. I truly don't believe its William Meiners of Publish Anything America or even Ed Williams now. Though I think (just) the first one from Linda Oness is actually from her.

As to who is actually behind the initial mess, I think someone had a problem with the way things were done on the "Ed and Soots Writer's Board" (which is five month defunct), the "Neverending Publish America Thread aka NEPAT" on the Absolute Write forums (a place I haven't been to for awhile and have not contributed to-including NEPAT-for nearly 18 months) and possibly the PA forums. I think this person culled email addresses from all three places and is spamming them with this junk in order to stir things up.

But because I believe in getting things out in the open, I'm going to post all of these later emails as well. For, uh, posterity. Who knows, there might be a story in it! (But at least note me in the acknowledgements!)

All errors are theirs. Emails copied verbatim.

Date: May 23, 2006 8:57 AM
Subject: Your blog

Alphabeter, that e-mail that you`ve posted on your blog is NOT from ED.

It was from somebody impersonating ED, and The Guild.

It is somebody who is stalking me and Ed.

Ed and I are filing a lawsuit, and will be suing that individual for sending that e-mail (and more) around.

Why would you post nasty shit like that said about me on your blog?

I am requesting that you remove it. My family reads these blogs you know, and they saw it. I`m so fucking embarassed!

Sootie, aka Linda Oness

This I believe is from Linda. It traces to an IP address in her area.

Date: May 26, 2006 3:32 PM
Subject: Sooty[LINDA ONESS}Appologises

Soots (Linda Oness) Appologises!
Former PublishAmerica author and co-owner of Ed and Soots Writer’s Guild has a lot to apologize for as evidenced by email excerpts such as:
Jenna Glatzer, Absolute Write “If it wasn’t for the NEPAT thread that Ed Williams 3 is responsible for this woman would be unemployed.”
James MacDonald (Uncle Jim) “want’s to be Ed Williams…but he cant.”
Memory McDermott “I really stomped the cramp out of her at the Mudd Hole and I’m proud of it.”
Jean Marie Weisen “she likes to do it Doggie style.”
“Miranda Prather is a lezbo Bitch.”
“PA Sucks is gone and they wish they had what I have and that’s Ed Williams. Over the Rainbow is just a few angry old women.”
Monitoring the Guild isn’t all the perpetually online Soots does, as she wrote about what she would do to the “hillarious” Ed Williams if she got the chance. This email is verbatim…
“Ed Williams is not just hot he is sizzling hot. He makes my Manpleaser so wet and Ive told the guy on more than one occassion what Id love to do to him if he’d ever cum my way.
I would dress up in a sheer tiny black thong with my best red high heels and fishnet stockings. Id dance for him until he was begging for it. Id shake my shaply ass in his face until he was about to explode and then I would mount him and we would have the best 69 ever. I would take his throbbing manhood in my mouth and spin my tongue around it’s head. I want to taste and then drink every drop of his cum. Then I would get up and shake my Boobies, my perfect Boobies 38D s in his face and he could watch me do this for a long time and he would want to carress them but I’d play with them while he watches me and this would be the best fun.
Then he could finaly play with my pink swollen Nipples and he could suck on them and then he would have to have me. I would want him to see my Manpleaser and how dripping wet and hot and ready it was and then he could take his huge and powerful Williams sword and stick it deep inside me. He could thrust his Sword with all his Power and we‘d be like that for hours and hours until he came like a volcano and gushes his kreem.
In LESS than two years Ed will move up to Canada, divorce his wife forget about his kids and adopt my sons.”
Disclaimer: Brought to you by all the dedicated workers who struggle to keep the internet clean.

This is from the same IP address as "Mr Meiners". Obviously spell-check is not their friend.

Date: May 26, 2006 3:41 PM
Subject: RE: Sooty[LINDA ONESS}Appologises

Could you quit sending me this shit.

Amen Rose. Alas, all the email flurries seemed to die before I was online to see and report. But I do have an itchy BLOCK SENDER button.
Date: May 26, 2006 4:02 PM
Subject: FW: Sooty[LINDA ONESS}Appologises

Could someone kindly explain to me what on earth is going on and why I’m receiving this filth, which is very unprofessional of authors if I may add? First of all

I’m no longer a Publish America author

I’m not a member of Absolute Write Water Cooler

I don’t like Ed Williams

Therefore what I would care whose sleeping with, whose cheating on who and so forth.

Seesh, get your act together people. This is just sad!

You were always so quick to point out my shortcomings on Absolute, well look at your own!

Ps: I forwarded this to yahoo abuse & I rather not receive any more of this crap!!!

If you must continue "Mr M", send the mess to me and leave the others alone. You'll have an audience and they'll have lower blood pressure.
Well, thats it for now. If there is anything new, I'll give a shout.


At 13/6/06 10:42, Anonymous Rose added...

I didn’t send you those emails deliberately. I had hit reply all to the emails that I received. Nonetheless, I’m glad that I’m no longer receiving this. I have no clue where they originally came from, but glad to have them out of my inbox, sorry that you received my outburst. I was not the only one discussed by those emails.

At 13/6/06 10:45, Anonymous Rose added...

Ps: I do have high blood pressure. LOL


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