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19 May 2006


10 days. I think this is the longest I've gone without a post to any of my blogs for the last three years!

So, sorry 'bout that. Pesky family keeping me awake during the daylight makes for bad inspiration at my typical 2 am. Ignore the current clock. I'm sleep deprived which can look like inspiration. When I actually read this later I may think entirely otherwise.

Graduations, open houses, showers, plays, concerts, job celebrations...after awhile even the spinach dip in the veggie platters annoys me. I love my family, but its like chocolate--too much all at once and its sickening. Nevermind after three days. Fish are better then!

Ahem. Shiny object, distracted to ranting.

I finally get online to check my mail and what to my bleary eyes should appear? Some humorous (I hope!) spam from dear Willy Meiners of Publish Anything America!
I post it here in full, because, well, how else are you going to know where the funny parts are?!

PublishAmerica and Random House – united at last! That’s about as likely as not finding
sexual references over at Ed and Soots Writer’s Guild.{ed note: that messageboard has been extinct for over four months} What’s that? A tiny bulletin board run by a pair of online literary nonentities: Ed Williams 3 and an unpublished horror author, Soots, Linda Oness. He refers to her in such upbeat terms as: “She’s an angry, angry woman,” “what a nut case,” “Soots has issues,” “Soots is just an ex-PA author,” and “Soots can’t write.”
However, Ed Williams also has a case of the hots for his online Canadian

Either William has truly gone nuts or Ed Williams is having a bit of a poke with me. Since Mr. Meiners was crazy enough to hire Miranda, I'll go with the latter. Congrats Ed. I hope you enjoy the expensive publicity.
All directives and comments can be shared with Mr Meiners Williams here.

There is one more meeting this weekend with a relative I haven't seen for a decade or two but who popped up at a thing and now we simply MUST get together SOON. After that I'll be a better bloggger until the last wedding shower in June. Then I'm good 'till the trip to the weddings (yeah you read that right, two ceremonies for one couple) at the end of July.

Its expensive being a "good family member". Even my grandfather, who just sends money or drops by for food-and leaves money is getting out of his cave for this one. Lucky him, he gets to fly. I'm stuck 12 hours with two siblings and a smoking parent in minivan.

But thats for nexts month whining. For this morning, I'll bid y'all adieu. I've got chainletters to send!


At 19/5/06 07:49, Blogger Erik Ivan James added...

Good to see you again, alphabeter.
My family is small, and this year no graduations, no weddings, no babies on the way. That's the good news. Bad news: No big spreads of great food. Just whatever happens to fall off my little-ole-grill.

At 21/5/06 07:45, Blogger AstonWest added...

The humorous spam confused me...I think it's time to break out another case of Vladirian liquor...


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