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27 October 2006

Its ALWAYS Something!

Anyone who can help me figure out what ate or where last month's post disappeared to, please let me stat--before this one follows! I SWEAR I didn't fall off the wagon, the internet ate my update!!


Another month, another drama. My own walking pneumonia (with nasty nauseating pleurisy) not being enough, the over-trusting GFTW decided to scare my mother with a little red poo (nicest way I could get my point across, still though-sorry). Hence, I'll be holding her hand (literally) through a colonscopy this morning.

Which means my NaNo group stuff is being pushed back to right at the edge of the Kick-Off Party. Nothing like Family Commitments (isn't that one of the conditions on the intake form at the Special Hospital?--just curious) to muck up the one month a year I get to see Other Humans on a regular basis.

Yeah, I know. I disappear for months on end and my latest post back is all whiney for sympathy. Don't care. Want empathy. I'll return some!

Still here? *cough* Me too.
I'm going to get the first coffee I've had in nine weeks. I'm gonna need the boost. If anyone would like a free story on seeing their mother's colon LIVE, email me in December. I should be out of intensive 5-hour-a-day-7-days-a-week therapy by then. I'll have a whole hour to spare before detox. ;)

Alright, I've made my whine and hue. Y'all stay skippy for Friday and I'll be back here later with some lovely caffeine-laced horror.

Much love to those who checked to see I was still alive. I am...though I think I'll be feeling the effects of a brain scrub after this weekend. That can't hurt me--right?


At 28/10/06 19:45, Blogger Midwestern Writer Wannabe added...

I think I'm coming down with something resembling walking pneumonia...

At least waking up at 3 AM has done wonders for my writing schedule, if nothing else...

At 4/11/06 06:13, Blogger Bernita added...

MUCH empathy.


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