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16 August 2006

Better Intentions

I had intented to post at least every day for a few weeks, to get people used to reading me again. Then I would taper off to five days (not necessarily consecutive) a week.

Alas, my car decided to flatten a set of tires (lots of construction going on between my house and Grandfather's) and in my weakened state, I couldn't do the job solo. What really sucked was going to six houses where no one answered (though it was obvious they were home) or I found the houses empty. To be fair, the latter had for sale signs up, but so did another where it was clear they were home (and walking in front of the window). Some days people are mean.

Fortunately I was able to snare a nice guy who, between my Spanish and his English, let me use his phone to call my mother who called my brother who called my other brother to come get me with Dave's towing shortly behind.

So by the time I actually got home, I was hours behind and frankly, forgot about posting. However, I did remember today! Aren't ya glad?

Don't answer that. ;)


At 17/8/06 08:47, Blogger AstonWest added...

Indeed, life often has a knack for getting in the way of our plans...

At 27/9/06 16:54, Blogger AstonWest added...

Hopefully all is well with you...


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