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14 August 2006

When good sleep goes bad

Yesterday, I took a sleeping pill when I wanted to go to sleep. I took it around 5:30 so I would fall asleep at 6:30 am. It takes that long to work its way through my system.

I don't do this often. Though the sleep-aid (actual name) is over-the-counter, I still worry about becoming too dependent on it. This was the first time I'd taken it in over a week.

I was in desperate need of more than the typical few fitful hours my current medication regime allows and it was a Sunday so I figured I had plenty of time to spare. I should note here that when I'm worn down, the pill seems to knock me out for up to 12 hours-in comparison to when I'm better rested and it only knocks me for 8 or 9 hours. I did know what I was getting into on that point.

When I awoke around 5:30 PM, I was rather shocked. Not for the length of time I was out (see above) but because I felt better than I had since my last medication change. There is nothing a really good night (or day) of sleep can seem to fix.


Its now noon where I'm currently located. I haven't been to sleep (nor do I feel sleepy or tired) since.

This is bad. Its too late for me to go to sleep and still get up at my regular time of 2 pm. Its also rather dangerous for me to stay awake until 6:00 am tomorrow given my medical problems.

Alas, I have one of my regular nights with my Grandfather tonight-and I haven't seen him in four days, so I really need to go. Also, I have to clock in to the site I do phone and internet work for at midnight-which would leave me only an hour between when I get home from my Grandfather's to try and nap.

I'm a selfish napper. I need at least two hours or I get cranky.

So what to do? Try and nap or just drink lots of peppermint tea?

I know the answer. I just don't wanna.

I blame the heat. It ruins everything!


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