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13 August 2006

Its beginning to look a lot like WTFH?!

With my off-site (from my home / office) treatment generally concluded (pending results), I thought I would spend the weekend wading through my bloated bloglines account (its a access-from-anywhere-with-internet-rss/atom feeder) and commenting and/or responding to things I read or got in my email in one big post that would also announce my return to blogging.

*deep breath* Yeah, I run on like this in person, not to mention in spur/flow writing aka my first draft of anything. Ooh shiny-


I felt compelled to post immediately upon seeing something completely shocking on my television. Yes, I was watching WWE Smackdown (its broadcast after SNL on my NBC affiliate as we don't have UPN and the CW channel isn't going yet) so I was expecting certain things (after all I had the results from their taping on Tuesday). But not this...oh no, not this.

I saw a Christmas commercial.


Its August. The ad aired at exactly 12:53 a.m. (CST), Sunday August 13, 2006. More than FOUR MONTHS from Consumerus!

For the last two years, Ann Murray's Greatest Hits has started the onslaught but at least that twit was "generous" enough to wait until AFTER Labor Day. Who dared interrupt my cat-hairball-inducing humidity streak with their Holiday Hubris?

John Madden. If you don't follow football, here's the wikipedia on him. His Madden Football Game was the product pushed during this 30-second horror show. Well, John, you can now know I will never buy this product again (and Madden Football was my first handheld sports game) because of your blatent destruction of my faith that no one would air Consumerus-pushing ads while it was still hot enough out to boil the make-up products abandoned in airport garbages.

Good thing I have better ways to spend my Monday nights than watching him trip over his tongue. Yes, I would rather be a smark analyzing Raw than see him and Costas fight over the light pen.

I hereby announce that any product, service and especially person who advertises for Christmas/Hannukah/Kwaanza/Festivus/Other Holidays before Labor Day (September 4th in 2006) shall be deemed worthy of boycott.

For this, being first will deem you among the worst!


At 13/8/06 12:18, Blogger M. G. Tarquini added...

I don't know what a Madden Football game is, but I won't buy it.

It used to be unseemly to mention the holiday prior to Thanksgiving.

At 15/8/06 17:19, Blogger AstonWest added...

I knew there was a reason I didn't watch TV all that often.

But I still watch Raw now and again...

And I only have an old Super NES version of Madden, with no intent to purchase anything newer.

Welcome back again...

At 16/8/06 03:37, Blogger Alphabeter added...

Thank you.

Glad y'all came back too!


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