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22 December 2006

People can surprise

My mother gave me a brand-new MacBook Pro totally tricked out. I received it nearly 48 hours ago and have been happily customizing it since.

Okay, I spent a few hours having dinner with my grandfather on both of the evenings and I did nap once or twice, plus ran errands so I really have spent only about 29 hours loading software and such, but I am so totally in love with this shiny new toy that mere details like sleep are obliviously slipping into the ethos.

I cannot begin to describe how much this machine has changed things. Not just in how and when and where I write but also work (yes, I separate writing from work although I make money doing both) and play (online and off).

I also discovered my mother isn't entirely the villain I wanted her to be. Damn, now I'll have to find a new one!

Anyway, when everything seems to suck and blow and little is enjoyable, there is light at the end of the tunnel (its behind the train). A little faith (and a lot of wishful prayering {sic}) can go a long way.

Either that or the hitman worked a miracle beyond letting her live.

I almost am kidding...about reality.


At 22/12/06 15:21, Blogger AstonWest added...

I have plenty of villians in my life, which I'd be happy to share...

I recently received a wireless router and a desktop card as a gift...guess it's time to hook those up soon.


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