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10 December 2006

Just because its December don't mean its snowin'

I finished NaNoWriMo 74k+ strong. My mind immediately entered the rehab of chocolate cream and I haven't heard from it in days. My brain keeps rattling around trying to make my body breathe without sounding like popping popcorn, walk like its 21 and not 92, and eat more than crackers and apple juice without getting nauseous.

I think I need my mind back.

With NaNo over and my writing breather (from novels and short stories; I've been keeping up with my articles and research schedule) ending today, I figured I'd poke around some friendly blogs for inspiration, warnings and perhaps a little amusement.

I never realized how long my blog-reading list has gotten to until I tried to read over 1300 posts in a few days! is a great help though, it keeps up to 200 posts per blog and lets me clip favorites to bookmark and read again.

I think what I was really looking for was a better idea of what to do with this particular blog. I've created 13 over the years (from 2000 on). They each have their own flavor. And while this is not my oldest, its my favorite as I've primarily concentrated it on writing with touches of related fun.

But how much is too much? Or too little? I know I cannot keep up with daily (5 or 7 days) posts but weekly posting seems rather small.

I read a dozen papers online every day and loads more news sites. Sometimes I want to share links, sometimes I want to comment on stories, other times I want to post writing-related things like quizzes, life experiences and photos/images.

So pretty much this post boils down to this:

Regular readers (and others I've driven off with my erratic posting and ranting), what would you like to see in this blog next year?

A) Excerpts of writings and my quest to have them published.

B) Links to other writers blogs or sites with relevant material.

C) Information about my life I think connected to my writing.

D) Comments on (and links to) media stories that may be writing-related but are more likely to be of strange interest to me.

E) Some combination of the above options. Please be specific. Example being E)A & B.

Thanks for slogging through this (and hopefully replying with a comment). I am working to earn back my readers. I just want to be sure its with good, appreciated content.


At 12/12/06 16:10, Anonymous jamie ford added...

Congrats on the 74k––impressive to say the least!

When I'm not in the thick of writing, I try and post 3 times a week. Just enough interaction without it seeming like a burden. But that's just me...

At 13/12/06 13:17, Blogger Todd Wheeler added...

Nice work on NaNo. I had to give it a pass this year.

As for the blog, option A, especially the quest! All about the quest! B is good as well. C is nice.

I had settled on posting once a week just to keep sane and manage my time better. Tried to bust out two a week this month and think I hurt myself. ;-)

At 17/12/06 08:09, Anonymous Anonymous added...

e) A, C and D

My own blog suffers from its own erratic posting schedule. Sometimes, there just happens to be a lot to post about, and other times, not so much.

I attempt to post when there's something worthwhile to read, but then, maybe that's why its readership is so low... ;-)

When one has time constraints, though, one has to budget their time.

I used to try and keep up with all the blogs on my list, but now I generally try to visit some daily, some every other day, and others once in a great while.

Skimming is your friend...(along with skipping over long groups of comments)

At 21/12/06 07:11, Blogger Bernita added...

Have too many questions about my own blog to give advice.
Happy Yuletide.

At 21/12/06 21:52, Blogger AstonWest added...

That was me in the anonymous comment, btw...


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