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04 February 2007

Super Sunday, 'Sup Ideas?!

There is apparently a football game going on today. It is being played somewhere warm where all can partake of the less-is-more clothing options.

I will not watch but for the last 10 minutes.

Its not for love or hate of the game. I am just not interested in either team. And the little viewing I will be doing this year is to curse at the clock and painfully yet patiently wait for "Criminal Minds" to air. Now that is a show I can get behind--and have, since it was called "Quantico". An odd choice given the team may start in Virginia but rarely stays there. But I digress...

Commercials? I stopped caring after "The Superbowl Shuffle" video the Chicago Bears (who are playing in The Big Game this year also) released in 1986. Gah. I pray there is no sequel.

Instead I wait for the best to pop up on YouTube and such. Interestingly, several "key" commercials have already been aired on SuperBowl-related or commercial specials. Honestly, who would watch a program that was about commercials with more commercials in-between?!

Now to the second part of my title. "Whasssssup" being an annoying catchphrase for I think? a beer a few years ago (follow with me non-ADD persons, I have a point...somewhere).

I am going to spend the day going through a box. It contains scraps and scribbles from napkins to newspapers to notebooks to cutouts from magazines. All full of idea(s). So instead of a 'Sup greeting to big men wearing pads, I will be 'Supping a box that will contain my next award-winning project.

Okay, maybe the last part was a bit of a stretch.

After a difficult anniversary last month, I went through all of my current WiPs and narrowed them down to ones I was still passionate about, ones I could conceivably finish THIS YEAR, and ones that I thought had a chance at selling.

I didn't have much left. Hence the box.

Fortunately, its not the only box! Before I discovered back-to-school warehouse sales and bought boxes of notebooks every summer I would scribble on anything...still do when the purse is too small to carry one. I won't say how many tablecloths I've looked longingly at with my lip pencil until I could find a program...or worse.

The scariest part is what else is attached to the uh, writing surface. Thank God I have no vermin problems (I'm not counting family!) or I would have a shredded nest of something that scurries instead of The Great Boxes of Potential (tm).

Here's to a Super Sunday for everyone.

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At 9/2/07 19:00, Blogger AstonWest added...

Hope the box was able to help you out. Myself, I'm still trying to put the final touches on my never-ending WIP.


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