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13 January 2007

Love or Murder?

I love my family. There are days I don't like one or more members. But I love them enough to not try and kill them (or have them killed).

I'm watching Dateline NBC . One twin is going undercover to 'smoke out' the killers (based on the preview clips, I'm guessing the ex-husband of the dead twin is head of the list) of her missing twin.

I also watch 48 Hours Mystery. Years ago, there was a newsmagazine every night. Now cable leeches off most of the footage and Law & Order or CSI recovers the "if it weren't true, you wouldn't believe it" story.

I admit I tape these shows (along with many others from Discovery Channel, Learning Channel, National Geographic Channel, PBS, A&E, Biography Channel as well as network and cable dramas). I find when I'm stuck for an idea, rewriting these tales into something more fantastic is a great exercise.

Murder can be a good plot, but it makes for lousy family relations. Just say no.

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At 14/1/07 16:17, Blogger AstonWest added...

Some days, it would certainly be easier than dealing with them.

At 14/1/07 17:52, Blogger Alphabeter added...

Yeah, but I'm too lazy to bullshit a new group of people.

These people, I know how to deal with them.

I'd rather the devils I know...


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