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01 January 2007

News 101

This is my 101st post. Considering this blog is almost three years old, that seems slightly pathetic to me. Yes, I have 13 other blogs, but I only post 'regularly' on five. (A list is somewhere in the links.)

As a celebration for the New Year, I'm making an unresolution. I will make a list of resolutions on July 3rd. It was good enough for those dudes 231 years ago, its a good enough time for me.

I've also decided to keep this blog, my most-pimped, completely about writing (and related). I would like it to be a sort of what-not-to-do-but-watch-me-try unmanual on getting published (in the good, noticeable way).

On that front, I'm sure my next post will be one of those quizzes I find on others' blogs and go "ooh, me likey" and snag. Because I am that lazy. I won't guarantee I'll be writing instead, but I will be heavily researching...something. :D

Here's to 2007. May everyone make good choices and create good luck within.

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