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22 January 2007


I find myself getting bored with a new project again.

I went into it with great enthusiasm. I was excited about the plot, a few of the characters and the overall creepy tone I was going to have fun writing.

Two days into the research and I'm wishing I had picked something different.

Its not that the information or the topics are boring, I think I'm just scared I won't do it all justice. If I get 'bored' and leave now, I can't finish and be yelled at later.

I'm not going to leave you before you leave me. Its a New Year. Not everyone will love me if I write the most beloved book ever. Even if the critics and public agree and its a runaway best-seller (shh, reality later) and hit movie and tv series. Some people will hate it...just because.

I'm not writing for anyone but myself so why am I letting circumstances that will always be completely out of my control affect the project at THIS state?

I'm wondering if there are therapists strictly for creative types?

For now, I'm going to give it a few days more (of research) and then fill in the 'outline'. I will make myself write at least 30 pages before I give up. I'm hoping I find myself needing to continue at that poing.



At 26/1/07 21:03, Blogger Midwestern Writer Wannabe added...

I was at that point with a story concept of mine which had some promise...trouble was, everyone keeps bugging me about getting the Aston West series out. So, I almost feel obligated to finish those before I do anything else...

In the meantime, I never finish any of them (although one is fairly close).

At 26/1/07 22:26, Blogger Alphabeter added...

I've been trying to do this "Realms" series for so long, its almost painful to talk about now.

The 'buggers' seem to have moved on to my "Gwendolyn Grace" ones. They're kids 'moral lesson' books I wrote for my nieces. I don't like the pictures I did and I keep editing the text. Even my nieces whine "thats not the way it was before!".

How am I supposed to do it 'right"?

At 28/1/07 16:49, Blogger Midwestern Writer Wannabe added...

That would be why I let other people do pictures...

Strangely enough, I've never gone very far in my own "moral lesson" books (for my nephew)...the 'Timmy the Turtle' series.

To do it right requires that you not listen to everyone. Otherwise, you'll be chasing your own tail to spite your face (or something like that).

The trick is in figuring out which segment of 'everyone' to listen to.

When you figure that out, let me know.

At 28/1/07 23:10, Blogger Alphabeter added...

Next you'll want the secrets to finding a great agent who only wants 10%, an editor who barely touches your work, and immediate best-seller status for everything you ever put down.

I think I'd rather figure out time travel...less complicated!

At 29/1/07 20:55, Blogger Midwestern Writer Wannabe added...

All of those would be nice...


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