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27 February 2007

The Secret of Blogging

Okay, maybe not THE Secret but its a biggie. Call it the pulling back of the curtain...will you like what you see?

Ahem. What is this fabulous secret, you ask?

Blogs need Fresh Content!

And, uh, I've kinda sucked at doing this lately.

So I hereby promise to at least remember this exists at least weekly and to put up some kind of contents beyond:

sorta dressed.
turned on movie channel.
read email.
read bloglist.
read more blogs.
pee'd again.
made more tea.
ate orange.
read weird news of the odd stories.
from around the world
did one piece of work from list.
went to grandfather's for dinner.
came home five hours later.
made dookie.
read gossip blogs
and watched gossip infotainment shows
----at the same time.
did two pieces of work from list.
went wikipedia walking.
plotbunnies in research multiply
ate another orange
and a popcicle.
remembered have to be up by noon--
and took sleeping pills
to fall asleep an hour later.
for five hours.

got up.

because thats just boring. No one wants to know what writers really do all day. Its dull and routine. Why would you believe their fantastical lies after you've seen how they do it?

Why is it the most interesting things occur in completely ordinary circumstances (or what will become the new normal)?

I hope I'm this way because I'm destined to be special---and not the new patient leader in section eight.


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