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12 March 2007

The Great Smell of...Nothing

Of course its too expensive to give to all the people who assault me hourly with their layers of deodorant, body powder, perfume, body spray and/or aftershave---all in different scents. Seriously people, pick one scent and then spritz your shoes. It will be smelled.


I don't know how long the link will be up, so I'm posting the properly credited article.
Like before, its from a British paper, so roughly double the pounds to equal dollars.

Yours for a mere £40, the great smell of nothing



£40 a bottle - but there's no smell

The price, at £40 a bottle, is not to be sniffed at.

And neither is the perfume - since it doesn't actually smell of anything.

Weeks ahead of April Fool's Day, a fragrance-free scent named Choix will go on sale this Friday.

The non-perfume, the idea of the art production company Dadadandy, is being sold at Selfridges in London as part of a surrealist-themed event.

A 16ft inflatable eyeball will be suspended in front of the neoclassical facade at the Oxford Street store. An entire floor is also being turned into an outlet called This Is Not A Shop.

The store will be selling 5ft-tall pencils alongside oversized lollipops made from popcorn and till receipts will be printed with surrealist poetry.

Karen Wells, Selfridges head of beauty, said the "limitless edition" scent was supposed to be a piece of art, rather than a functional perfume.

"Choix is a dressing table artwork, a collector's item that will appeal to lovers of surrealism and objets d'art, and is an affordableway for our customers to buy a piece of Dadadandy's work," she said.

The Selfridges event is running in tandem with an exhibition at London's Victoria and Albert Museum and is designed to demonstrate the powerful impact the surreal movement has upon artists and designers.

Fashion gurus, such as John Galliano, Viktor and Rolf, Maison Martin Margiela and Moschino have all been commissioned to create window displays for the store.

Although this perfume is part of a specific themed event, it reflects the recent rising influence of surrealism in the fashion world.

The fragrance-free scent follows the success of the world's first anti-depressant perfume, which was launched by Selfridges last July.

Named Smiley, its creators claimed to have used techniques derived from the world of aromatherapy, which has mood altering benefits, to bottle happiness.

At £25 a time, however, it was easier on the wallet than another of the world's more unusual scents, V1.

Several bottles have apparently been bought at £65,000 each since it went on sale at Harrods in October.

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At 16/3/07 21:44, Blogger AstonWest added...

I think I just developed the newest trend in publishing...a book with nothing but blank pages.

It'll be a masterpiece.

At 16/3/07 23:04, Blogger Alphabeter added...

And then everyone can write the Great Novel themselves.


I have the title for the first (in the series of course)--Dear Journal.

Its a little stuffy but it might work in international translations.

At 18/3/07 08:05, Blogger AstonWest added...

As long as it doesn't translate over as Deer Journal...

All about Bambi and experiences with the interstate system...

At 22/3/07 01:03, Blogger Alphabeter added...


At 28/3/07 21:48, Blogger AstonWest added...

Now you see why I try my hand at fiction writing, and not at stand-up humor.


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