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04 July 2008

The New Urban Camouflage-by Famous Dave's

Homeowner Confronts BBQ Sauce-Covered Man in His Basement

Police say an Appleton family is still recovering from a scary incident early Wednesday morning when a man covered with barbecue sauce was in their basement.

Investigators say 35-year-old Aaron Maurice broke into the family's home on North Wilmer while they were sleeping around 4:30 A.M.

Not only was it frightening but police say it was very strange. At the time of the break-in, police say Maurice was whistling and covered in barbecue sauce.

"They thought they heard something in the basement, so they listened for a little bit and they heard what sounded like somebody in the basement whistling," Sergeant Pat DeWall of the Appleton Police Department said.

Police say the woman living there locked herself in a room with her two-year-old child. Her husband grabbed a shotgun.

"At that point in time he shut off the lights and the person in the basement yelled up to him something to the effect, 'What are you doing?'" DeWall said.

According to the criminal complaint, the homeowner held Maurice at gunpoint until officers arrived.

When he asked Maurice why he was there, Maurice said he was on the run from the government. And about the barbecue sauce? "The officers asked him that. He told the officers that it was urban camouflage," DeWall said.

Police say the house was locked up at the time and there was no sign of forced entry, so they're not sure how Maurice got into the home.

Maurice is jailed on a burglary charge.


Would mustard be desert camouflage?

Whats running through my head right now? The tune to these lyrics:

They call me Maurice, they call me the gangster of love...

I'm going to sleep now. Its past my naptime.



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