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27 June 2008

These items find me

Its happened again. I'm trawling someplace innocent online (no .xxx for me!) and come across (yes pun intended) a link to something weird, involving sex, and which has a picture. Of course I click--and now I share with y'all! {photo at the link and yes, he does look like a serial killer}

Man caught having sex with table gets 6 months

BELLEVUE, OH -- Police say a man was arrested after admitting to, and being caught on DVD having sex with his picnic table repeatedly.

Investigators say they received a tip that Art Price Jr., 40, of 146 Brinker St. in Bellevue was having sex with a picnic table while outside on the deck. The incidents occurred between January and March 2008.

Police say on March 13, the tipster dropped off three DVDs which showed Price in the act. On four occasions, Price is seen naked and masturbating in the rear room near the open doorway; he then comes out to the deck. He tilts the metal round picnic table on its side and lays up against it and has sexual intercourse with the table. Afterwards he cleans the table and the deck.

Police say the the incidents occurred close to Ridge Elementary School.

On March 20 Huron County prosecutors met with investigating officers and were shown the DVDs. Later that day, Price was brought in for questioning.

Police say that during questioning, Price admitted he had sex with the picnic table. He also confirmed the incidents caught on the DVD and admitted to having sex with the table inside his home.

On June 18, 2008, Price pleaded 'no contest' to disseminating harmful material to juveniles and public indecency. According the the Huron County Department of Corrections, he was sentenced to six months in jail.

What I wanna know is
1) who made the DVDs?
2) what 'material' was deciminated --which what got him time; and
3) why did I have to learn the answer to Why is a Picnic Table Better Than a BlowUp Doll?

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