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27 November 2008

Man jailed for singing 'Spiderpig'

Because when all of India is afightin' (they got nukes and are pissed at Pakistan who has some too--oh lovely), it stands to reason that the people (da British) that "civilized them" a few 150 + years ago would decide a drunk Scot singing at the cops is a jailable offense. Really, can't they get over that whole abandonment-for-the-colonies issue and enjoy a nice "Thanksgiving"?

A man in Scotland has been handed a three-month jail term for singing 'Spiderpig' from The Simpsons Movie, reports the BBC.

David Mullen, 22, from Blairgowrie, sang the tune at police officers and called one "ginger" while sitting in the back of a police van.

Mullen claimed that he burst into a rendition of the song, which Homer sings to the theme of 'Spider-Man' while walking his pig across the ceiling, because it was his mobile ringtone.

His solicitor Paul Ralph said: "He started the song and that was the origin of the joke, but things went further. He felt he had not done anything to be apprehended for."

Mullen, who has abused alcohol since the age of 12, was later given a further eight-month prison sentence for assaulting a police officer and breaching bail curfew.

Perth Sheriff Court's Robert McCreadie said: "It is tragic that you have taken alcohol for almost half of your life. You have a dreadful record for a man of 22.

"It is now your decision if you want to continue down the tragic and appalling road you have chosen for yourself."

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